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Virtual reality and augmented reality are transforming the way Toronto companies and organizations connect with their target audiences. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to connect with consumers, students, or employees, we can help by delivering one-of-a-kind immersive experiences that make a major impact.

With a creative background in theme park and water park design, we are equipped with the vision and knowledge to provide unforgettable user experiences. Our team is comprised of talented designers, creatives, and developers that work closely with our clients to see their vision realized in design and execution.

We would love to show you some amazing experiences!

Partnering with a VR & AR Production Company

When you work with us, we become a partner in your success. Together, we’ll refine your vision for an augmented or virtual reality production and then we’ll make it happen, bringing creative ideas to life.
When you partner with a virtual reality company like ours, anything is possible. Suddenly you have the power to take audiences anywhere you want to take them and experience whatever you want them to experience.

Your VR Expert

While VR and AR are rapidly becoming more popular, it can be hard to get your mind around these technologies and their capabilities. As your VR expert, we’re happy to chat with you to help you understand the possibilities for your organization.
Simply contact us to arrange a meeting. During our visit, we’ll discuss your needs and goals, show you examples of projects we’ve completed, and take you through the development process. Whether you choose to work with our company or not, you’ll have a better understanding of how you can use virtual or augmented reality to connect with your audiences.

Virtual Reality Production in Toronto

Toronto is the ideal Canadian city for using these 21st century technologies. People here are so used to being constantly inundated with messages in traditional formats that it’s easy to simply block out the noise.
When you offer audiences a unique, immersive experience, people pay attention. Virtual and augmented reality give your organization a way to stand out from the perceived noise and really make an impact.

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With VR and AR apps, you can create either a computer-simulated experience that is completely unrelated to reality but that seems real, or add new visual elements to reality. AR and VR companies like ours work with you to understand your vision, explain the possibilities, and produce a new and transformative user experience.

360 video is extremely popular and offers the opportunity to connect with audiences over Facebook or YouTube. There are numerous applications for this powerful, engaging, and compelling new medium.

3D architectural rendering has many benefits for everyone involved in a project. When you see projects in virtual 3D, you can truly understand what the final product will look and feel like.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are being used around the world in countless industries. We focus on four key industries where we think these technologies are changing lives.

We’ve worked with fantastic organizations in Toronto to bring original ideas to life in the virtual world. Discover what’s possible for you.


Learn about our virtual and augmented reality company, our team, and our process for creating apps and videos. Based in Toronto, our team of VR/AR experts are ready to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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