360 Video Production

Unlike conventional videos that are recorded from a single direction, 360 videos are recorded from all directions at the same time using high-end, omnidirectional cameras.

360 videos can be uploaded on YouTube and Facebook, and can be viewed on computers or mobile devices. Unlike VR videos, where the viewer changes perspective by head movements, 360 video perspectives are controlled by either a computer mouse or by simply moving a mobile device to different positions.


Stunning VR Video

At SMD our production experts create beautiful 360 degree videos for your website, event, or favourite VR headset.

360 Degree Videos Bring Your Ideas to Life

Capturing footage in 360 and producing an immersive experience is much different than traditional video production. Our team of 360 video production experts uses their knowledge and experience using this unique medium to take your ideas and bring them to life.  Alternatively, we are also able to design your ideas using CGI and export them to the 360 video format.

We create full CGI (computer generated imagery) environments or capture existing environments to be viewed as a 360 video. If capturing an existing space is important, we use state-of-the-art 360 cameras capable of recording stunning imagery to achieve this. 360 video can be viewed on the web or be developed into a mobile VR application.

By using sophisticated cameras, we are able to capture both video and photo in up to 8K resolution of any existing environment or space. This is the best way of using VR to transport users to a real-life location anywhere in the world as an alternative to CGI.

360 Video Applications

We can create powerful, engaging, and compelling 360 videos for many different applications:

360-Degree Virtual Tours. Give your users an immersive and interactable, 360-degree view of any location or environment.

Virtual Reality Events. Create memorable events for business or pleasure. Relive your wedding or other special occasion, make a big impression at your next trade show, broadcast your concert to fans across the world, or create a music video to be viewed in VR.

YouTube & Facebook. Upload your 360-degree content to these platforms, and let the whole world watch without the need for an app.

Storytelling. Let your users feel like they’re experiencing the story as though they were really there.

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