Video Storytelling With VR Apps


Storytelling has been an important part of human existence since well before writing was invented. Stories have been the most powerful way to pass down religious and cultural rituals, and general teachings, from generation to generation, and they still are.

But the vehicles for storytelling have changed over the centuries. From primitive cave or rock drawings, to oral stories, written stories, and in recent years, to radio, television, movies, and the internet.

Today we have a new and incredibly exciting medium for telling powerful, engaging stories.

VR Storytelling

Virtual reality allows us to tell stories in ways that were previously unimaginable.

VR can completely transport viewers into immersive environments—they’re placed right inside the story. It’s an “empathy” machine that has the capability of providing a more powerful storytelling vantage point than any other previous forms of media.

VR storytelling is already being used by the media to immerse viewers in stories. ABC, PBS, The New York Times, USA Today and others have embraced VR to tell their stories. From the USA Today website: “We don’t just tell amazing stories, we let you live them in fully immersive environments, creating human connections like never before. Check out a new episode every Thursday for three new thrilling VR experiences.”

Brand Storytelling Apps

Virtual reality provides business owners with new, more powerful opportunities to deliver their stories—their brands—to their audiences and create strong, emotional experiences. It’s a level of engagement that has never before been possible. Brand storytelling can take several different approaches:

  • The history of the business
  • The business culture—its personality and character
  • What the business looks like on the inside

Storytelling in the Classroom

VR storytelling is also becoming a new tool for teaching. Teachers are making use of VR for more meaningful learning experiences.

Students, from early school years through to higher education, gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter when it’s delivered in virtual reality. They are able to individualize their experiences by looking wherever they want in the scene instead of from a single camera angle.

We create custom storytelling apps

Whether you’re in business, education, entertainment, or the media, we can develop custom storytelling VR apps to help you achieve your goals more effectively. Contact us today to discuss the stories you want to share.


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