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Want to capture your event in 360 and have people visit in stunning virtual reality? We are able to capture your event and broadcast it live, or create a highlight reel for viewers to re-visit the event as if they were actually there.

VR events help increase attendance or ensure that everyone who wants to take part in your special event can do so. There’s nothing like feeling like you’re part of the action and VR lets your audience do that anytime, from anywhere.

Your VR Wedding: Preserve the Day Forever!

Want to create a memorable highlight reel of your wedding day so you can revisit those wonderful moments or even experience all the moments you didn’t notice on that special day? Your wedding vows. The speeches that made you laugh, or made you cry. Your romantic wedding dance, or your friends’ crazy unromantic dance floor gyrations?

VR weddings, or 360 wedding videos, are an amazing way of preserving your special day and capturing your most cherished moments. Creating a virtual wedding also allows you to broadcast your ceremony to guests who aren’t able to make it in person.

We create VR wedding experiences that you can watch over and over again on any computer or smartphone. If you want a full VR experience, all you need is an inexpensive headset and a smartphone.

You can even give your family and friends a headset as a gift so they can relive the day. A number of headsets are available on the market for $20 or less or we can supply you with your own custom branded google cardboard headsets. You can also share your video on YouTube or Facebook.

Another option for a fun and memorable addition to your wedding party is to have us set up a virtual reality booth for your guests to have a virtual reality experience. We’ll bring in the latest equipment and games, and our staff will give your guests a unique experience they’ll be talking about for months and years to come.

VR Trade Shows: Stand Out From Your Competitors

It can be a real challenge to stand out from other trade show participants and get the attention and exposure from trade show attendees that you’re after. Everyone’s bombarded with sales pitches, so getting your business to capture their attention is difficult, to say the least.

VR is rapidly gaining in popularity and large businesses like Ikea and McDonalds have already capitalized on the technology. But chances are you might be the only one, or one of a small handful of businesses, wowing audiences with VR at your next trade show.

We will set up a VR booth at your next trade show and wow your attendees with the latest VR apps. We can make a custom experience for your company/brand that will add value to your trade show booth and get visitors excited and wanting to try the VR experience for themselves.

To create awareness after the trade show, we create a VR wrap up video. A wrap up video will transport your audience into your trade show or booth and allow them to see what your event is all about. These 360 highlight reels are a great marketing tool to get new visitors to your event.

VR Concerts

You don’t have to be Paul McCartney, the Imagine Dragons, Lady Antebellum, or Third Eye Blind to get a VR experience of your concert. While the big players in the industry, like Live Nation, are producing dozens of VR concerts, this technology is now affordable and available to you or your band.

We broadcast your concert live to fans across the world, or create a music video to be viewed in VR. VR concerts allow for fans to get up close and personal with their favourite band and see and experience the concert in ways they never thought possible.

Whether you want to broadcast live or record your concert for viewing at any time, we’ll help turn your ideas into reality.

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