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Architectural animations paired with architectural renderings is a sure-fire way of getting people excited about your pre-construction project or proposal.

The demand for architectural animations is on the rise. For most professionals, it’s challenging to help clients grasp the design of large projects without the help of these visualizations. 3D animations and flythroughs, also known as “walkthroughs,” are an excellent marketing tool to best represent your project or design.

And they’re completely one of a kind!

One of the best ways of bringing your architectural project or design to life is by animating it. Our expert animators take your 3D model and add camera movement, entourage like people and vehicles, and any other animation effects necessary to make the most of your architectural visualization.

With these computer-generated animations, we are able to enhance your building or site and better portray its relationship with and context within the surrounding area. This gives designers, stakeholders, and clients a realistic vision of the completed project.

Benefits of Using Virtual Reality in an Architectural Walkthrough

Architectural animations take viewers through an immersive story that, when paired with music and context, communicates deeply with audiences of all types.

But 3D animations don’t just tell the story of a project—they set expectations for potential buyers. And you’re not just showing buyers what they get within their property. The addition of contextual site modeling shows buyers what to expect around them.

Providing your clients with a virtual reality architectural walkthrough of your newest pre-construction project is the most immersive, understandable, and exciting way to help them learn—through interaction—about the space. By walking through in VR, the viewer immediately understands the scale and feel of the project—as if they were visiting it themselves in real life.

VR for 3D architectural visualization is by far the most effective way of communicating your design to your clients, developers, and investors. By being able to move around your site freely, there is little left to the imagination. They can inspect every last square foot of the space!

This ability to clearly communicate your ideas in digital space makes VR the most accurate visualization tool currently available. 3D VR walkthroughs cover every angle of the visualization process and leave the viewer feeling as if they are visiting your site.

VR 3D walkthroughs are also great problem-solving tools. Clients will likely notice any design flaws and can then communicate issues in detail to the designer. This is very important to the design process, as it is best to make changes to the blueprints before construction begins.

Possibilities with a 3D Architectural Walkthrough

When creating these 3D environments to then tour in VR, our designers can add interaction points around your site. For example, we can give users the ability to choose several different countertops in a kitchen, or tile flooring instead of hardwood.

In 3D VR walkthroughs, the viewer can change materials and objects to upgrade options. This gives the buyer a way of seeing these upgrades up close and personal, while allowing sellers to take full advantage of advertising upgrade options.

While wearing a HMD (head mounted display) and using hand controllers, clients are able to move freely around the building. They can go through every room and hallway and will even see site furnishings like couches, dressers, and beds. Incorporating furnishings into the floorplan shows them how space will be used.

When designing the highest level of these VR environments, we are even able to incorporate working light switches and opening doors and cupboards.

Virtual reality 3D architectural walkthroughs are poised to be the future of all architectural visualization.

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