Our Process: Design, Create, Explore.

Our Process:
Design. Create. Explore.

The process of creating with VR, AR, and 3D is the same as any other creative process. The difference is in the result.

Our technologies allow us to use the creative process to create amazing immersive experiences. Working closely with you, our team uses the following process to help you achieve your goals:

  • Design: Our creative team works with your team to design a one-of-a-kind experience based on your ideas.
  • Create: We create environments and ideas in 3D or capture existing spaces using 360 cameras.
  • Explore: We develop these environments into one of many virtual and augmented reality platforms.

VR/AR App Design

When designing fully immersive interactive experiences, starting on the right path is paramount in order to be as efficient as possible in production. After an initial kickoff meeting, we work with our design team to create a storyboard concept, based on your ideas, which outlines the entire experience and includes illustrations and explanations of what the end user will see and feel. After storyboard/concept approval, our development team is mobilized and the creation of your VR/AR experience begins.

360 Video Production

Capturing footage in 360 and producing an immersive experience is much different than traditional video production. Our team of 360 production experts draws on their knowledge and experience using this unique medium to bring your ideas and content to life. Similar to creating an app, the 360 video concept is drafted and a storyboard is created for approval. Once approved, shooting begins. After all footage is captured our talented editors add graphics, music/SFX, and any other approved assets to the final 360 video.

Architectural Rendering

First we collect the client’s drawings, floorplans, furniture requirements, and any other CAD information you may have. Then we ensure that we have all the details necessary to create a 3D architectural model. Once we have all the information necessary, we start modeling your design using the latest modeling software. After several client reviews, we then capture perspective renderings, create animations based on approved storyboards, or develop virtual walkthrough capabilities.

SMDVR – Design. Create. Explore.

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