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Virtual and Augmented Reality Experts

Our team of highly skilled designers, developers, and creatives will ensure that your ideas are brought to life in the digital space.


Mr. President

Shain started SMD to focus on his passion of immersive environments, emerging tech, and 3D visualization. With a background in design and architecture, he worked for one of the largest entertainment design firms in Canada and carried his experiential design expertise into the reality technology field. Shain strives for excellence and quality in everything that SMD does, and believes that we can improve our lives and those of the people around us through the use of reality technologies.


Business Strategist

Since 2011, Jamie has been helping businesses connect with their target audiences by creating unique experiences. After several years building brands like Jelly Belly and Chobani through experiential marketing, he joined SMD in 2017 to bring his passion for marketing to the tech world. Jamie works closely with our clients to develop one-of-a-kind ideas that align with strategic goals and result in a return on investment. For Jamie, the freedom of the virtual world parallels the freedom of the imagination, leading to breakthrough ideas and apps.


Director of Operations

Amy has an educational background in psychology and teaching, and a professional background in client relations and human resources. Her tenacious drive for excellence in everyday company interactions makes her a valuable commodity at SMD. Amy became involved in reality technologies and SMD in 2015 and has applied her knowledge in education and psychology to help us create immersive experiences that are both applicable to and suitable for the demographic at hand.


UE4 VR Specialist

Zach graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Game Programming from George Brown College. His love of video games as an immersive and interactive form of media, combined with his natural curiosity for the intricacies of the process by which they’re made, brought him into the industry. Over the years, Zach’s been part of building several games of varying genres, from basic side scroller and maze games to twin-stick shooters and first person puzzlers. His passion for evolving technologies led him to the VR industry, which is already a burgeoning medium in video games, and one he feels has many other promising avenues and applications as well.


UNITY VR/AR Mobile Guru

Gordon is a graduate of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology Game Development and Entrepreneurship Program. Programming has been a huge part of his life since he started developing 2D games in high school. Eventually he moved on to learn C++/C# and began to become involved in 3D game development using engines like Unity, Ogre, Havok, and Raknet. Gordon’s passions with programming are in the areas of virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile application development, and working with emerging tech.


3D Artist & Animator

Giordano is a graduate from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology Game Development and Entrepreneurship Program. Art has always been his passion and it was his dream to have his creations come to life in 3D. His focus is on designing, creating, and animating characters, objects, and environments that are dynamic and reactionary. With the emergence of virtual and augmented reality, it was only natural that Giordano enthusiastically adapted to create material for this new medium.


360 Producer

Chris is the SMDVR 360 video/photo expert. His life passion is to create and facilitate the production of film and entertainment. As a filmmaker and digital content creator, he has been capturing, processing, and editing both film and photography for nearly 10 years. Once the advent of 360 video technology appeared, Chris quickly adopted this new medium and enjoys the challenge and opportunities it provides over traditional cinematography. He has produced and filmed many projects, including commercial shoots, live shows, tech events, and concerts.


Remote Contractors

We have access to experts from all around the world to help make your project come to life in the digital space.

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