Lift & Co

Todd Shapiro enjoying the virtual reality cannabis experience


Our client had a massive audience and wanted to share information with them. We created a unique immersive experience to educate people about cannabis and what happens in a grow facility.


Lift & Co.’s cannabis expo in Toronto is the largest consumer-based cannabis show in Canada. With such a massive audience, Lift & Co. wanted to take the opportunity to educate and inform the public about cannabis and the work that goes on in grow facilities. They had the knowledge, but needed a way to capture attention and engage people.

Enter SMD. We created an experience in CGI that brought viewers into both an indoor and outdoor cultivation environment with a surprise twist. The experience featured seven animated exhibits spaced throughout each facility that served to educate the user about cannabis both visually and with an audio tour guide. Once fully immersed, the user experienced the sights, sounds, and inner workings of a federally licensed grow facility.

The VR experience was a huge hit and was re-used for the Vancouver expo the following year.

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