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A screenshot of the brain stories vr experience powered by SMDVR

There’s no better way to teach than to give students a way to experience the effects of diseases. This VR experience provides a fascinating way for students to learn about the impacts of three brain disorders.

Mohawk College: Brain Stories VR

Mohawk College’s Brain Disorders Management program wanted to create a VR experience to help motivate students starting the program and to educate them on several brain disorders from the viewpoint of the people suffering from them.

Created using CGI, Brain Stories VR follows the stories of Aaron, Henry, and Linda, who suffer from autism, schizophrenia, and dementia. The viewer has a chance to not only hear about the disorder from the person’s perspective, but is also able to go into the brain and see how the disorder physically affects the brain.

Hosted on YouTube, this VR experience was successful in engaging the students in the curriculum, giving them an interesting, new way of learning.

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