A ornge helicopter with a poster effect

Ornge wanted to create a VR experience that would allow people to visit their Thunder Bay hangar and not only see their land and air vehicles, but go inside them, interact with them, and learn valuable information about them.


Ornge is one of the leading medical transport companies in Ontario. With a fleet of both land and air vehicles ready to deploy 24 hours a day, Ornge ensures they can get patients to their destinations quickly and safely.

Contracted by our friends at Vusion, we created an interactive Oculus Rift VR experience that was full of exciting visuals and included a virtual flight in one of their helicopters. This VR experience is useful for training new employees and familiarizing them with Ornge’s fleet of vehicles. It is also useful for showing off their Thunder Bay facility at events, virtually transporting people there without using conventional methods of media.


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