Silent Killer VR

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Wanting to demonstrate the danger posed by carbon monoxide, the client turned to the power of the virtual world. This 360 video social media campaign was experienced by hundreds of thousands of people.

Silent Killer VR: CGI 360 Video Experience

Known as the “silent killer”, carbon monoxide is invisible and odourless. Unless you have a working detector in your home there is no way to detect it.

Our friends over at Vusion contracted us to create a CGI 360 video experience to help educate the public on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. We worked for Vusion and an ad agency to model and create a 3D photo-realistic haunted house.

Each room had a carbon monoxide emitter, such as a fireplace, stove, radiator etc. Viewers toured the haunted house thinking that there was a killer in the house, but didn’t realize until the end of the experience that it was the “silent killer” that threatened them.

The Silent Killer VR experience was shown throughout Ontario at all Cineplex theatres on a Playstation VR headset, and had a strong social media and advertising campaign that reached hundreds of thousands of people. The experience was uploaded to YouTube for anyone to view from the comfort of home. Click Here to see the 360 video.

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