Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Applications

Virtual reality applications are limitless. Because we’re no longer creating in the physical world, we aren’t limited by the restrictions of the physical world. With virtual and augmented reality, applications can go far beyond what is possible in real life.

The ever-increasing list of gaming titles for Oculus and SteamVR tells us that virtual and augmented reality are being well used for gaming and entertainment. But where are these innovative technologies being applied beyond gaming?

The truth is that there isn’t a profession or industry that couldn’t benefit or doesn’t already benefit from the use of these technologies. Everyone is getting into the VR/AR game, developing virtual reality applications and augmented reality applications for just about anything you can think of.


VR & AR Applications

Virtual reality and augmented reality is changing the way we do business, share ideas, take in information, entertain, and express ourselves. It’s only natural to take advantage of this new medium and use it as a tool to add value to your industry, company, or idea.

4 Key Industries for VR & AR Applications

At SMD, we specialize in developing VR and AR apps for clients in four key industries:

VR and AR applications are allowing educators, trainers, and businesses to improve the way people learn. By creating immersive experiences, often by replicating real-world scenarios that allow people to practice skills they’ll be using in real life, you can help people retain knowledge, have otherwise unattainable experiences, and develop skills more quickly. Discover how VR and AR are being used to help students and employees.

Both virtual reality applications as well as AR applications are making major inroads in healthcare and medicine. The technology is being used to improve patients’ lives, allow surgeons to practice before carrying out the actual surgery, and help healthcare professionals retain knowledge. Find out what’s possible for the healthcare and medicine sector when we harness the power of the virtual world.

VR marketing and interactive advertising are transforming the way businesses and brands interact and engage with consumers. VR and AR apps allow you to take users where you want, when you want, without any distractions, giving them an unforgettable experience while creating that always desirable buzz. Learn more about how the virtual world can help your business form strong connections with consumers.

3D virtual house tours are transforming the real estate industry, allowing real estate agents to grow their market while offering buyers a fun experience and zero travel time. There are also opportunities for using AR applications to connect with consumers and build your real estate business. Discover how the virtual world is changing the experience of selling and buying real estate.

In our opinion, these sectors can take the most advantage of VR and AR and are already doing so. VR and AR applications work in these areas as long as they are beneficial to the end user and are improving some aspect of their lives.

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