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VR marketing offers today’s businesses the opportunity to engage consumers with your brand by leveraging VR and AR technology. You’ll command the attention of your consumers by immersing them in your very own customized brand experience.

Experience VR & AR In Your Business

With VR marketing, you can take users where you want, when you want, without any distractions. Since VR & AR is so memorable, businesses can use it to increase consumer recall in store by providing a unique, fun, and unforgettable experience. Use this new tech to excite your customers and create a buzz around your brand.

VR and AR are multipurpose. Using multiple platforms, you can engage with consumers at different times and in different places.

For example, you can:

  • Include a VR/AR experience at trade shows, sponsored events, trade marketing, etc.
  • Push out a link through social media to allow consumers to view at home.
  • Shoot your commercial or wrap up video in 360.

The sky is the limit when using VR & AR for your marketing or advertising needs.

With Virtual Reality, Business Improves

We can create custom VR and augmented reality marketing experiences telling the story of your product or idea in ways that traditional media can’t effectively achieve. For example, we can create an AR app to animate your logo (also known as an AR logo) and tell the story behind the company, add interactions, and leave consumers educated about your brand.

Another option is generating a digital showroom that highlights your products in your own custom-made environment. You can also use AR to bring your product to life or to augment your product into the real world to see how it looks in the room with you.

There are certain products that might have restrictions on advertising, such as alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis. By using AR to bring your advertising to life, you can bypass advertising restrictions for traditional print media, or offer a virtual reality experience on a private channel. The possibilities for interactive advertising and marketing are endless!

Virtual & Augmented Reality in Retail

Surveys show that people are increasingly tired of brands shouting at them, demanding to be heard and seen. When you use virtual and augmented reality for interactive advertising and marketing, you put the consumer at the centre of the action. It’s no longer just about the brand or even the product; it’s about the experience the consumer is having.

You’ve probably seen apps that allow consumers to see how furniture and other products will look in their home. It’s exciting and gives the consumer more control. Any business can use these new options to stand out from the crowd and attract consumers’ attention.

Ask us how we can help you take advantage of this amazing AR and VR marketing tech for your company. The possibilities are infinite!

We help you immerse

consumers into your brand

Using VR and AR for brand marketing and advertising is the future of the industry. We can help you achieve all your goals using this unbelievable technology. Check out some of the ways clients are taking advantage of this new medium.

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