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VR and AR education and training is taking off in classrooms in Toronto, Canada, and around the world. By using VR and AR in the classroom, you can immerse students in your curriculum, taking them places they’re not able to go and showing them things that are otherwise impossible to see.

Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual reality is so engaging that it commands students’ attention and gives them a visceral experience of the content. The only distractions are the ones programed in to the VR experience.

Students are familiar with VR and gaming. VR educational aps allow you to take advantage of the skills they already have by speaking their language and presenting incredible learning opportunities through a fun and familiar medium.

Unlike textbooks, VR experiences are intuitive and reactive. You can create consequences and rewards in real time, giving students the immediate feedback they require to achieve the goal at hand. VR creates a very unique and effective learning practice for your students.

By using VR and AR to enhance your curriculum and teaching strategies, you can transport your students’ learning into the 21st century and beyond.

Augmented Reality in Education

AR in the classroom is intuitive and adds an added dimension to your existing content. Using augmented reality in education settings, you can bring textbooks to life in ways that were previously impossible.

Students are always on their devices these days. Creating an AR app allows them to engage in the content in a way that interests them and feels natural for them.

There are countless ways to use AR in the classroom. Ideas include:

  • Making your textbooks “clickable” and fun
  • Playing video and 3D imagery overtop of information within the textbook
  • Creating a one-page handout that has dozens of interactions and hours of fun, intuitive information developed into it

VR Educational Apps In The Classroom

Currently, there’s more of a focus on using augmented reality in education classrooms, but more and more educators are becoming interested in the power of VR educational apps.

As an example of what’s possible, there are VR apps for teaching kids about the solar system, human anatomy, and various ecosystems. Students can actually experience being inside a human body or far out in space.

The potential for VR educational apps is endless. If you’ve got a great idea for your students, we’d love to discuss how we can make it a reality!

Virtual Reality Training

VR for training is one of the best ways to put people into real-world situations without real-world consequences.

One of the most effective ways of learning is through experience. VR training takes advantage of this fact and trainees who experience and learn in VR have a much easier time recalling information than those who learned by reading or with traditional presentations.

When training for dangerous environments or situations, VR is the answer. We are able to create experiences that might be impossible to replicate in the real world safely, resulting in training that is enjoyable and more practical. The best part about VR is that trainees are able to work at their own pace so you can always pause the experience or start over.

For businesses, it’s been found that VR training can cut onboarding time by about half because you can use real-life scenarios to quickly get people up to speed. In any training situation, VR makes it easier for people to develop the skills and knowledge they need, quickly and safely.

Let Us Bring VR Education or Training to Your Classroom or Workplace!

Whether you want to improve education for students or employees, AR and VR offer significant benefits and opportunities. Contact us today to find out how we can help you transform the learning experience with the latest technologies and our experience with creating new realities.

We help educators

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