HTC Vive VR & SteamVR App Development

Room Scale

If the app you want to develop needs to allow people to move freely around a large space and interact with the space, the HTC Vive headset and SteamVR are the way to go.

People search online for HTC Vive VR but the virtual reality system is actually called SteamVR. The HTC Vive is the headset used with this VR system. The HTC Vive is just one component of SteamVR, but a very important one.

SteamVR is a room-scale VR system that has 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom). It is tethered to a high-end computer and has two 6DOF hand controllers, and there’s now a wireless adapter to cut the cord for completely free movement.

The new Vive Pro HMD boasts high-resolution and a wide FOV (field of view) and has forward-facing cameras to incorporate augmented reality into experiences.

The play area can be as large as 33ft x 33ft. allowing us to do some very cool stuff with this technology.

Benefits of HTC Vive VR

Because so many people refer to Steam VR as HTC Vive VR, we’ll do so too.

The biggest advantage the Vive offers is the amount of free space to roam around. Apps that would benefit from this large play area are those that require a lot of user movement or several users in the same space at once. Examples of apps that might need this amount of space might be mazes, escape rooms, or digital showrooms where you might want to travel from one exhibit to another without having to use a teleport function.

The Vive’s sensor system also allows for full 360 degrees of rotation without having to worry about the sensors losing view of your headsets. This allows for the smoothest experience when moving around the space when comparing HTC Vive VR to other VR systems.

HTC Vive App Creation

Creating apps on this system can be both exciting and challenging. There is much more freedom when developing large exploratory spaces one can free roam through in VR over other systems with small play space.

One of the cool aspects of developing for the Vive is the ability to incorporate real-world objects into your experience. For example, imagine having a trade show booth where countertops are used as the perimeter of the space.

We can design the VR world to have the same countertops inside so someone in VR is able to walk up to, touch in real life, and feel those countertops. (Of course, those countertops could be something much more exciting, like a futuristic space station panel with animated VFX, or a panel made of solid gold. The point is that it’s possible to integrate real-world spaces with VR worlds with HTC Vive VR.

HTC Vive apps are similar to Oculus Rift apps in quality as they run on high-end computers. We can deploy apps locally to the computer or to Steam to be downloaded remotely.

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Do you have a big idea that requires a lot of space and freedom of movement? HTC Vive VR might be the right option for making your app a (virtual) reality.

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When developing for HTC Vive VR optimizing the amount of space you take advantage of is very important. Here is a breakdown of our most popular sizes to develop room scale experiences.

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